Taking Care of Business

by Percy McIntyre on June 21, 2020

Wow! What a time we are living in with COVID-19, Civil Unrest, and an uncertain economy. We have had to deal with everything from quarantines, to blatant racism, layoffs, furloughs, plummeting stock prices, and mandatory homeschooling for our children.

The isolation alone from the COVID-19 quarantine is enough to send people over the edge, yet alone some of the injustices we have seen in the media over the past few weeks. Yet we know that life does not stop. We still must take care of business. Bills still have to be paid. Work still has to be done. Life goes on. We all are charged with taking care of our business.

Since June is Men’s Health Month and we are in the midst of Father’s Day. We want to give a huge shout out to all the men out there who are taking care of business. Even though we are in trying times, things will get better.

As we navigate this new reality that we live in we must remember that Taking care of ourselves needs to be a top priority in taking care of our business. Often men put themselves last and put the welfare of everyone else ahead of their own. This is one of the reasons men have many underlying conditions that go unaddressed such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and stress related illnesses. The quarantine has not made it necessarily easier to take care of yourself.

Working from home can be twice the work because not only do you have your own work, but you have household duties, and you have to help children with homework. This leaves very little time for yourself. Often everything else gets done, except for the work that relates to you. Taking care of your self will help increase productivity.

But School is out and so that is one less thing to worry about. Now is the time to focus on improving your heath. Your kids and spouse will love you for it and your productivity will skyrocket!

Some practical tips for improving health and being productive during the summer months:

1) Become an early riser: Start your day early and get a jump on the day.

2) Build up your immunity: Take vitamin C, Vitamin D, eat fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Try to eliminate canned items when possible. Drink plenty of water.

3) Keep moving. Now is the time you can start going for walks and beginning an exercise routine.

Also, don’t forget to get some rest. Build some rest time into your day. Enjoy spending time with your family. God has given us a gift rest and relationship building as He prepares us for life after COVID-19. We all have to start somewhere.

Don’t be afraid of not having all the answers. Don’t compare yourself to others that seem to have it all figured out. Just start and God will see you though to the end. Stay connected by clicking on one of the links below.  Also, sign up for a free consultation and get information on an upcoming Cleanse Program I am offering through Well4Life.  



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