Blind To It All

by Lydia McIntyre on February 04, 2019




I have a very grateful heart as I reflect on turning 44 years old this past October. Three years ago I was in state of desperation to be made whole again. I say again because 4 years prior I was feeling vibrant and a communing with God. But my mental and physical state had started to go in a direction that was foreign to me. I was having many sleepless nights, trouble concentrating, irritability, and running hot one minute and cold the next.

I was pregnant during the later period of this state, so the doctors said it was my hormones. Then the other doctors said it could be menopause or the other doctor told me I was not dying but something was going on with my absorption, but they just did not know what it was. I felt very much in the dark about my health!

Unfortunately, I am not the only one who has experienced this place of seeking answers and getting nothing concise. I felt helpless, but in reflecting back God was trying to redirect my path to better health, but Ephesians 4:18 summarizes my state of mind back then!

18 for their [moral] understanding is darkened and their reasoning is clouded; [they are] alienated and self-banished from the life of God [with no share in it; this is] because of the [willful] ignorance and spiritual blindness that is [deep-seated] within them, because of the hardness and insensitivity of their heart.

My spiritual blindness was not that I did not believe in God. I believed in Him and had an intimate relationship with Him. But when He gave me instructions that I thought did not make sense or seemed difficult to my flesh I just ignored Him. But when I got to a place of continuously having no energy to enjoy my boys, talking with my husband, or easily do activities I really enjoyed I started listening and following God’s path for me. In Isaiah 42:16 God tells us-


16 “I will lead the blind by a way they do not know; I will guide them in paths that they do not know. I will make darkness into light before them and rugged places into plains.
These things I will do [for them], And I will not leave them abandoned or undone.”

It took me a while to come around, which I am sure the enemy was pleased, but God did not give up on me, but instead showered me with a grace that kept me until the light switch final flipped on. Absorption was in fact my problem and was linked back to my gut health.

And because I was not absorbing my food, supplements, or my one medication my whole body was thrown off. I basically was malnourished from the bare essentials my body needed to function. And did I mention my blood sugar was yo-yoing this entire time that contributed to my feeling bad.

However, great was God’s faithfulness! Little did I know He was doing a great work! He was moving me into position. I finally got on the path He had been illuminating. I sought the help of a functional or integrative health doctor and they helped me to get on the road to recovery.

But even with their help I still needed to research and understand fully what was going on with my body. The main nutrients my body was missing were protein, Vitamin D, and Magnesium. My body also desperately needed an enzyme and probiotic to help create the right environment in my gut so when I would eat or take my medicine it would properly be absorbed. These 5 items were key to regaining my health back. Stay tuned for future blogs were I share more of my journey to good health.

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